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[IP] How Much

Of a difference will we possibly see in a 1:12 ratio instead of 1:15?? and
then instead of correcting to 150 we are now correcting to 120... Let me say
we started pumping Aug 1st.. Our basals have changed only one time since we
started and that was the 2nd week.. we then went two weeks without calling in
Heathers blood sugar readings because she has a habit of not recording her
blood sugars like she should.. (we have EZ manager on desktop but can't get
her to use it consistently).. anyway her blood sugars have been all over the
place the last two weeks.. and I know why one week was bad and thats because
we had our first period on the pump last week.... anyway. I finally convinced
her she needed to write her numbers down for me so I could call her endo.. I
called them in on Monday after school (well Monday morning Heathers period
stopped and her numbers have slowly came back down..) The endo finally got
around to calling us today and they kept her basal the same and told her to
change her bolus factor.. which is 1:12 and correct to 120 and one unit will
drop her 60 pts.. Now my ?? is this ... since she is no longer in her period..
and her numbers are in the past two days in the 100 - 150 range... today it
got up to 326 today but the reason for that is she was due for a site change
today.. and after she changed when she got home from school..its been fine..
Will she have a tendency to possibly go low?? we've not had one low this whole
month.. (knock on wood) I guess this probably isn't much of a question i'm
just trying to get some suggestions on what kind of a change we might see?? if
there is any at all.. Thanks for listening and any suggestions will be
Rochelle mom to Heather 13, dxd 11/2/01 pumping 8/01/02, Brian and Matthew
wife to Bill in MO

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