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[IP] RE: death from lows

Please don't take this as judgmental, because it isn't meant to be, but this 
could be part of the problem. I don't know what the "drinking " history is, 
but when the live is busy detoxifying alcohol, it doesn't respond with 
glycogen release when BGs are going low. If this is a chronic situation, then 
the response can be come less and less over time. It might be worth it for 
the MD to do some liver function tests as well as other tests to determine 
the problem. In any case, it sounds like she needs a reduction in her daily 
insulin dose to exist safely.
Her MD should determine how much to lower the dose. Maybe, you could both 
convince her that low BG is likely from too much insulin and her MD needs to 
help her lower the dosage to be safe.

Good luck!


>She tends to drink every night, I'm not sure how much, but I always see a 
wine glass in her hand.<
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