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[IP] Re: diabetic education class

> Tavia said:
> To me, it seems odd that someone would choose to remain on R and NPH when
> there are extreme benefits to being on Humalog or Novolog and Lantus!!???
> Why do you stay on those insulins?

I am one who is on Humalog and NPH, not Lantus.  When I went on Lantus,
which I took only before bedtime, I had several severe hypos (25 - 35).
They occurred in a seemingly random pattern which was unrelated to my bG
reading just prior to taking the 30 units of Lantus, but the hypos occurred
within about 1.5 hours after taking it each time.  I concluded that the
crystal was not forming in my body on those occasions and thus the Lantus
was acting very much like Humalog (fast), as taking 30 units of Humalog
before bed and without any food intake would probably send me down to 30 in
1.5 hours, too.

I now take 25 units of NPH before bed and have no hypos afterwards.

Has anyone had this experience with Lantus and what do they feel causes the

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