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Re: [IP] 508 supplies

You have not sent me an email telling me how much the postage was for the 

When I told you that I will pay for them, I did not know I had to be specific 
and tell you then my parents would be sending you a check.
The return address on the box has a check in the mail to you, since I had not 
heard from you about postage we went ahead and sent the check there, hope it 
makes it.
I emailed you back telling you then that my parents would be sending the 
check because I do not work because I am sick, I am TRYING  to get my 
disability and I have no insurance, my parents pay for all my medications and 
other bills, rent, food etc...

I will TOMORROW put your supplies BACK in the mail to you.

I hope you are happy in trying to make me look like a THIEF, I greatly 
appreciated the supplies and also appreciate from others who have sent me 
some. I do not save all my emails in a file and have all addresses, but my 
parents have sent some other checks out to pay for postage.
When you get the check go ahead and cash it and enjoy the $14, your supplies 
will be back to you tomorrow, be on the lookout for them and I WILL send them 
registered, so I can get a receipt showing you recieved them.

I am sorry for the "confusion" but by no means was I trying to get some 
supplies and not pay you for shipping. I would have even paid you some for 
the supplies if you had asked for it. I do not appreciate you warning someone 
else and telling them to be careful!

Happy Pumping!

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