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[IP] fund raising- not about the header ;)

I would love to start a fundraising group/committee whatever you want to call 
it.  We could throw around some ideas like making cookbooks, change drives, etc 
and figure out how to do something and then implement it.  We could do like one 
project a year or something.  I'm sure thre are people out there who want to 
help and have some good ideas and a little bit of time.  It doesn't have to be 
a big time committment.  Like an hour a week or more or less whatever you can 
spare.  I am planning a wedding and going to school so I know what it's like to 
be busy.  A long time ago I was head of the fundraising committee for Habitat 
for Humanity at my college, so I have a few ideas.  But one person can't do it 
alone.  Anyway if anyone else is interested email me privately at 
email @ redacted  We don't have to make it a big deal, but I am sure 
whatever we can do would help.

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