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Re: [IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy

In light of all the fundraising problems, perhaps there aren't even the 
resources available to start an IP pregnancy list??  I would be willing to 
start something on my personal website, a list of people interested and their 
email addresses, if anyone would be interested in that.  It would be a start 
anyway, and a way to have people's contact info and guage how many are 
interested.  Let me know and I can set it up, like a guestbook sort of thing 
where people enter info.  The other chat rooms are very "loose" and can get out 
of hand easily, but wouldn't it be better than nothing?  Maybe someone could 
loo into various ones and post for us the details and we could pick one?  Just 
some ideas.  We would like to start "trying" next summer, so something like 
this would be very very nice.  I think my fiancee would also love to hear from 
other men who have gone through a diabetic pregnancy ;)  

>I am wondering if there is any EASY way 
> to gauge just how much interest there might be--like some kind of place on 
> the IP site where new and old IP members could register if they are 
> interested in such a list? Then we could have an idea how many people 
> really would want such a list? But like you I don't want to push it if it 
> isn't feasible. I did look into some of the other sites where there are 
> chat groups on the topic suggested by some others on this list, but for my 
> personal taste, those groups seemed way too "loose"--they didn't seem to 
> really be "strict" discussions about pumping and diabetes, but more like 
> general emailing between women who happened to be diabetic and pregnant or 
> trying to conceive.
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