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Re: [IP] Death From Lows - Revisited

> Thanks to everyone for the info.  To answer some questions I have
> seen, she is 6 months to retirement, about 64 or so.  She has a
> strange sleep pattern.  She goes to bed around 7, gets up at 3 and
> watches TV until she goes to work at 8.  She tends to drink every
> night, I'm not sure how much, but I always see a wine glass in her
> hand.  Her eating habits seem pretty good to me, except they use a
> lot more fat than I would think is healthy (her husband, Tom's dad,
> had a heart attack a few years back).  The resistance to testing
> seems to come from the fact that her insurance company won't pay for
> strips.

Re: Strips. In almost every state, there are laws that require 
insurance companies to pay for diabetes supplies. Many insurance 
companies say they will only pay for ~200 per month, but it is a bald 
faced lie. You have to fight, but they will pay for whatever is 
needed. Sometimes a letter from your doc and a "medical waiver" is 
required. This is insurance short hand for --- "we will make it a big 
hassle for you", non-the-less, if you ask them to show you "where in 
the contract of insurance" is says the number of strips are limited, 
they cannot do so.... they may have internal "policies" about strip 
limitations, but that does not matter. The last case I ran into, 
Express strips could only ship 200 strips per month because Blue 
Shield only allowed them to do that (point the finger elsewhere). The 
argument with BS was won when asked about the contract language. That 
hassle took about 3-4 months to resolve.

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