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[IP] Back up Plans & Mini Med 508 problems

I have not had the same exact problem but just got a loaner 508 yesterday 
because mine was having constant "power outages" and E01 alarms.  I would use 
SEL to get to the bolus screen, press ACT twice to choose to do a normal 
bolus and then when I would push the arrow key the screen would go blank, 
then I would get a "full screen display" (like when you do a pump self test) 
and would have to start again.  I left it on for my basals and started taking 
injections for my boluses (as suggested by the Minimed rep.) until the new 
one could arrive, but a few hours later I was getting constant EO1 alarms and 
had to disconnect entirely.  

What was most disconcerting was the response of the two Minimed 
representatives I spoke to that day.  (Please note, I've found Minimed to be 
incredibly helpful in the past.) Neither was sympathetic to my situation at 
all and since this happened on a Sunday said that Minimed could not send out 
a new pump until Monday (as they have no carrier on Sundays!) which would 
arrive two days later.   I even offered to drive (frankly anywhere) to pick 
up a new pump but was told that it wouldn't help since I live in NYC and they 
only distribute pumps from California.  I can't believe that a company which 
makes their profit from providing essential medical supplies wouldn't have a 
back up plan for Sundays nor a distribution point from the East Coast.  It 
was very disappointing and I must admit that for the first time I am 
considering switching to a Disetronic.  I recall that they sell their pumps 
in pairs for just this situation and frankly I now know how important that 
can be.

In light of all this I had to, of course, put my back-up plan into action.  
It has made me curious about what back-up plans others have created and how 
effective they are.  I know that I was able to keep my blood sugars within a 
reasonable range but I didn't feel nearly as healthy as when using the pump.  
I would certainly appreciate hearing about others experiences.

Best, Melysa

In a message dated 8/27/2002 4:45:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I've had my Min Med 508 since October, 2000.  Yesterday, when I  tried to 
> prime it I couldn't.  Press sel, press act - okay.  Scroll to set prime 
> rate and the screen became a mess of 8s with some letters, etc.
> Numerous reattempts.  No luck.  Other features inconsistently showing the 
> same mess.
> Called Mini Med.  No one available to help immediately (on hold for 25 
> minutes).  Had to go to a meeting so I arranged a time for tech Support to 
> call me back.
> Two hours later, on returning from my meeting, I was successful in getting 
> the prime function to work.
> When Mini Med called I was told there was a problem with the pump.  They 
> arranged to send me a replacement - a refurbished 508.  I had to choose 
> between keeping the refurbished pump, as an exchange, or keeping it as 
> loaner until my 508 is fixed.
> Question for the list...
> - anyone else had this problem with the 508?
> - should I accept a refurbished pump as a loaner or as an exchange?
> Thanks for your info and advice.
> Nancy
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