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Re: [IP] Source of Infusion Sets

Hello.  I also have BCBS PPO (out of NY, NY) and have been using  Edgepark 
Surgical (see their web page www.edgepark.com) for my pump supplies for about 
a year now.  The orders are always fast, efficient and correct and the staff 
have been helpful and patient when necessary!  (They were even great about 
sending some supplies out early when our mail was so slow after 9/11.) One 
great feature is that they will set up a regular shipment schedule so you 
don't have to even order OR they will make a reminder phone call when it's 
time to reorder.  Because they are a surgical supply and do not deal simply 
with pump supplies the customer service reps. do not always have in-depth 
knowledge when I have questions, but I simply call Minimed first.  
Hope this helps! 

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> >Hi All, I'm looking for a new source for pump supplies. I have been using 
> >Michigan Diabetes Supply -great price, but they never get my order right. 
> >Any recommendations? My insurance is the Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO, 
> >Standard, Federal Employee Program, so I'd especially like to hear from 
> >anyone with the same insurance.
> >Thanks very much,
> >Colleen
> I have Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO and order my infusion supplies 
> directly from the pump companies.  Since I'm currently using QuickSets, I 
> order them from MiniMed and since my pump is a Disetronic, I order my pump 
> supplies from them.  They both bill my BC/BS directly.  I've been getting 
> my test strips from Michigan Diabetes Supplies, but am thinking of 
> switching to a new supplier since they seem to have a problem realizing 
> that they've gotten my prescription renewal.  They keep contacting my 
> doctor even though he and I both have faxed it over to them.
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