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Re: [IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy

Hi Betsy,

I'm the one who posted the original question about starting a new IP list 
on pumping and pregnancy. And you are right, Michael did say that he didn't 
think there was enough interest. [I am wondering if there is any EASY way 
to gauge just how much interest there might be--like some kind of place on 
the IP site where new and old IP members could register if they are 
interested in such a list? Then we could have an idea how many people 
really would want such a list? But like you I don't want to push it if it 
isn't feasible. I did look into some of the other sites where there are 
chat groups on the topic suggested by some others on this list, but for my 
personal taste, those groups seemed way too "loose"--they didn't seem to 
really be "strict" discussions about pumping and diabetes, but more like 
general emailing between women who happened to be diabetic and pregnant or 
trying to conceive. YMMV, of course.]

ANYWAY...I am in the exact same situation you are--getting ready to start 
trying to conceive--and have had diabetes for nine years too. I get my care 
at the Joslin Clinic in Boston, and they have a complex and thorough 
program for everything, including diabetes and pregnancy. So my husband and 
I first met in May with a preg-endo and a high-risk ob who work together as 
part of the Joslin Pregnancy Clinic team--the other members of the team are 
a CDE, a nutritionist, and an exercise physiologist, but I haven't met with 
those yet. So the first things they made me do were get an eye exam and do 
all those labs to rule out kidney trouble, then get on the pump. They also 
want me to have 2 or 3 good A1Cs in a row (my last one was a 5.8) and have 
my blood sugars under really good control. Now I am just waiting for my 
pump--should be here next week!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

It is really frustrating how long it takes, but I know it's for my own good 
and for my baby's good. But it still can be a downer knowing that my 
friends can start trying anytime they want, and we've been in the "trying 
to be allowed to try" stage since May! But I feel like I'm in really good 
hands at Joslin, and it has helped my husband feel better about the whole 
prospect. He is very nervous about the risks involved with a diabetic 
pregnancy, but really wants us to try anyway--we just have to do our best 
to be in great control.

Sorry this is so long! It would be great to talk to other diabetic/pumping 
women who have been through/are going through this same process.

age 28
dx 6/93
waiting for her Animas!

>Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:47:54 -0700
>From: "Betsy FullMataz" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy
>Hi all,
>I recently saw a message stating that there was not enough interest in
>Pregnancy and Pumping issues to start a new list on the topic.  I think that
>would be a great idea, and wonder how many people really ARE interested in
>that. I am sure I was not counted in that number, so maybe there is enough
>interest and the IP just aren't aware of it. Of course, I am sure that it
>takes more volunteer time and moderation, which adds to the stress on
>resources at IP, so I don't want to push it if it isn't feasible. Just an
>Anyways, in the meantime, I will post my comments/questions here now.
>We are thinking about small ones, but not going to start trying for several
>more months. My Endo and CDE's say that I should let them know 3-4 months
>BEFORE i want to start trying so my husband and I can meet with an endo/ob
>to discuss everything and then to start monitoring even more closely so that
>the team could tell me when we can start trying.  I have had diabetes for 9
>years, since 18, and really want to have children. My A1Cs just recently got
>down to 6.9 for the first time since diagnosis, and I am confident that they
>will keep dropping.
>I am feeling like I have to start thinking about this to best utilize my egg
>supply & to avoid complications! Considering all the months of planning that
>have to go before even trying to get pregnant, I/we am/are feeling a little
>Anyway, just looking for any and all comments on the subject. Please feel
>free to respond off list if you want. I do have some other questions that I
>would rather not publish on-list. Maybe we could make our own yahoo group
>list or something.
>For women who have given birth on the pump:
>How was your experience during the whole process?
>Were your children planned in the way I am describing?
>What were your A1Cs before and at conception?
>For women who want to think about it or are in process:
>How did you and your partner decide when was a good time?
>Your general feelings and comments...
>Thanks so much!
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