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[IP] Death From Lows - Revisited

Thanks to everyone for the info.  To answer some questions I have seen, she 
is 6 months to retirement, about 64 or so.  She has a strange sleep 
pattern.  She goes to bed around 7, gets up at 3 and watches TV until she 
goes to work at 8.  She tends to drink every night, I'm not sure how much, 
but I always see a wine glass in her hand.  Her eating habits seem pretty 
good to me, except they use a lot more fat than I would think is healthy 
(her husband, Tom's dad, had a heart attack a few years back).  The 
resistance to testing seems to come from the fact that her insurance 
company won't pay for strips.
More general info, my fiance (Tom) lives at home, as do I.  We are in the 
process of getting a house, and plan on being in a new home in the 
spring.  Tom is very worried, and I was trying to prove to him that his 
mother isn't going to die, but it looks like I was wrong.  I used to go low 
a lot before I started pumping, and it has saved my life.  I have been 
pumping for 6 years now, and have only had two lows where the ambulance 
needed to be called, and both times, I had manually injected insulin.
Back to Shirley (the mom), she had another reaction last week, on the way 
home from work.  She was escorted home by police.  This is getting really 
bad.  She reminds me of myself before I really admitted I had to test and 
watch my carb intake, but I was in my twenties then!  We have repeatedly 
suggested going to the doctor, but she won't.  I suggested to Tom that he 
call her doctor himself, and he plans on doing that.  I have a feeling this 
is the kind of doctor that tells her to just eat more so she won't be low.
Thanks for all the responses, I hope we can do some good.
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