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[IP] RE: More on Eyes--Sarah....

Yep, I know the vitrectomies do not always work, and sometimes require a great
many.  I am indeed blessed that things have always cleared up (though
sometimes it takes awhile).  On the day of one of the bad spells, my hubby was
on a plane flying off to care for a dying friend.  I had barbecued chicken
going and my eye decided to bleed.  It was hard to cook, and harder to be home
alone for a week.
Still I guess my doc has his reasons, and he chooses not to do any laser
unless he can really see what needs sealing, or will do scatter coagulation if
he thinks the eye is going to keep busting open.  Again, we haven't needed to
go that route, which is fine with me.  I think they also feel that you will
have a bit of vision loss with every laser treatment--even if it's like night
vision or whatever, so he is just being very cautious I think.
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