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Re: [IP] Looking for the perfect case for diabetes supplies

At 09:31 PM 8/27/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >    I hope to get the pump soon so I'm already looking for something to carry
 >all the junk in. I'm a guy so I'd prefer not to have a purse :)

Hmmm.  You could carry your dop kit around with you like a tasteful clutch. ;->

But honestly, you don't need to carry that much stuff.  If you have a 
syringe and vial of insulin you don't need to carry the extra infusion 
set.  You'll be fine until you can get back to your desk, car, or home 
where you have the extra sets stored. So you're carrying essentially the 
same stuff you had while on MDI (meter with strips and lancet, insulin and 
syringe, glucose tabs, and logbook if you really must) plus a tiny little 
battery that can easily fit in most meter cases.

And if this is too much for your pockets, I have seen some handsome men's 
carry alls in the catalogs lately...

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