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[IP] more on eyes

laura wrote

> I have more aproblem from the vitreous being pulled on (because 
> of weakness andnearsightedness) than anything.  

I had that problem....in fact that is why I had all the bleeds in the second 
eye...The doctor said it started bleeding NOT due to neovascularization, 
which had been halted due to my good control, but because the vitreous was 
starting to pull away from the retina, which, as your doctor points out, is a 
natural part of aging...however, the laser I had had 5 years earlier acted 
like a staple gun in the eye, attaching the vitreous to the retina...When the 
vitreous pulls, due to heavy lifting, change in blood pressure, whatever, it 
pulls from the retina and like when you pick off a scab, it tears a little 
bit, hence the bleed...so my second eye was bleeding due to the "scabs" 
pulling away from the retina.

Now If I had NOT had those staples (laser) put in, the new, weak blood 
vessels may have continuted growing and eventually may have bled, same as the 
other eye...If I had to choose between getting the pan retinal in advance of 
bleeding and maybe never have a bleed as MANY people have experienced, or NOT 
get the pan, knowing i already had background retinopathy and waiting til I 
bled and hoping it clears enough so he can laser, I would probably pick the 
PRO active route...

> you sign a paper when you have laser surgery stating that 
> thesurgery can make matters worse, and cause blood to pool 

s'called a liability waiver or something like that...heck,they are just 
covering their butts.  they make you sign those things when they extract a 
splinter....you MIGHT get C-Dif from their infected tweezers....so if the 
printed page scares ya off, that is fine - that is the choice we each have to 

Laura, that is so great that your bleeds have always to date cleared up...i 
wish mine had continued to do that....but apparently my body just go to the 
point where it could not reabsorb anymore...and then I had a vitrectomy - two 
actually, on ein each eye...though I do know people who have  had more than 
one in the same eye...sometimes they don't work...

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