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RE: [IP] re; eye problems

Just a thought on it--my eye surgeon says there is no need to do any laser
on any eye that hasnt had a real severe bleeding problem. .....

NO, NO, NO, a thousand times NO!!!

I can tell you from personal experience that the first doctor I was seeing
faithfully every year said he "saw a little retinopathy" but didn't want to
do anything about it.

This was sort of strange since my regular doctor saw the retinopathy w/o my
eyes being dialated and kept telling me to go back to the eye specialist and
this went on and on and on.

In 1990, I injured my R eye and developed a hematoma and the emergency
doctor was a pediatrician eye specialist.  I told her about my eye problems
and vision problems and she recommended me to another doctor in her office
who specialized in people with diabetes.

He checked out my eyes, did a fluroseen and then another one a month later.
It was laser immediately and this fiasco lasted for 3 years without any let
up and not knowing whether I would go totally blind or not.

If the first doctor had been aggressive and treated the retinopathy when it
was small then I would have never had to go through all I did and by then it
was too late to sue the darn doctor as there is a statute of limitations of
two years to sue for medical malpractice.  I would have had no qualms about
suing that doctor and I know my regular doctor and my other eye specialist
would have stood up for me in court.

Do not hesitate or wait to have any proliferate retinopathy taken care of as
soon as possible.  It is much better to be aggressive than to wait until it
gets so out of control.

I'm hoping for the best to all of you who have eye problems.

Kathy B.
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