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[IP] Looking for the perfect case for diabetes supplies

    I hope to get the pump soon so I'm already looking for something to carry
all the junk in. I'm a guy so I'd prefer not to have a purse :)
    I figure that I'll have to carry my meter, strips, lancet, extra infusion
set, insulin, syringe, battery, glucose, and logbook. If I am missing
something please let me know.
    Is there a case that has a clip or some other attachment that I can clip
to a belt loop or belt? I'd like for it to attach to my belt or belt loop so
my hands are free but the case is easy on and off. I have a place to keep it
at work, and I don't mind sitting it on the table when dining out. I don't
even mind if it is bulky. I don't really want a fanny pack. I'd prefer
something without a built in belt.
    Currently I carry my keys, glucose tabs, wallet, and PDA in my pants
pockets, with a pen in my shirt pocket. So a little extra stuff isn't a
problem :) I carry my Humulin R and NPH, Dex 2 meter, extra test cartridge,
lancet, syringes, and pill meds in a small case that I carry in my hand. It
could attach to my belt but I have to run the belt through a closed loop which
makes it hard to put on and take off.
    Any ideas?
    Cody S. Alderson
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