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Re: [IP] truth in advertising

But...if you use it as it was intended, as a trending
device, it is not too bad. If/when we get one we would
not use it 24hrs a day. We would use it as a trending
device and to help check basals (sort of like the CGMS)
to spot problem areas, just another tool with which to
help see the big picture of her (Shannon's) control.

You don't have to double check each and every number
with this device. The patient info states that it is
not intended to replace your meter and that you are not
to rely on it as the sole source of information on
which to base decisions. The readings are not going to
be the same as your meter, as it takes readings every
so often and averages them (as does the CGMS). When you
calibrate, it will calibrate to whatever your meter
uses (whole or plasma) but the readings will not be
identical. That's just not going to happen (except by
coincidence) because that's not how it works.You are
still supposed to use your meter (you have to with the
CGMS as well). That doesn't mean it is unreliable. The
trends are what are important in the big picture, not
each individual number. Even if the device skips
readings, it is still way more info than you'd get with
your meter alone.

They require the training for it because (according to
the patient info) the patient needs to understand how
it works (reverse iontophoresis) and its intended
purpose/use (trending). It isn't like our home meters.
It works more like the CGMS, though via a different
technology (reverse iontophoresis vs interstitial).

Read the patient info available at the website, if you
haven't already. It covers a lot that the patient
brochure doesn't. Hope this helps.

Sara said:
> The GlucoWatch costs $595, plus a $4 to $5 disposable
> that the patient must replace every 12 hours.

Sounds like a worthwhile lifetime investment to
me....:-/  that is $70 a
week, $3,640 a year!!

> To get a doctor's prescription for a watch, the FDA
> that patients be trained to use it and pass a quiz.

oh please!! people are trained how to drive, pass a
quiz and then go out and
run over things...hope they train the glucowatch users
to test their blood w
ith a meter test before they drive.....
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