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[IP] Can anyone else do this?

Last night I was assisting my daughters site change and found a flaw in how
the Minimed 507C pump behaves.
Here is what happened.
I was dripping the insulin out of the end of the tubing before she primed.
It took about 0.8U.  I flexed the reservoir in the housing and noticed that
the tubing needed to be dripped again.  I repeated this and each time that I
dripped and flexed I produced a LARGE drop of insulin and then a void at the
end of the tube.  It seemed that I was able to "pump" out quite a lot of
insulin by rocking the reservoir in the case.
I had the pump set so that we could hold 300 ml.  So, I reset it to 150 ml
hoping that this would prevent inadvertent bolusing.  While it is more
difficult to accomplish, it occurs nearly identically to the 300 ml
It looks like this would deliver between 0.8 and 1.4U and then nothing until
the void was filled.  
Can anyone else reproduce this effect?
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