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[IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy

Hi all,

I recently saw a message stating that there was not enough interest in 
Pregnancy and Pumping issues to start a new list on the topic.  I think that 
would be a great idea, and wonder how many people really ARE interested in 
that. I am sure I was not counted in that number, so maybe there is enough 
interest and the IP just aren't aware of it. Of course, I am sure that it 
takes more volunteer time and moderation, which adds to the stress on 
resources at IP, so I don't want to push it if it isn't feasible. Just an 

Anyways, in the meantime, I will post my comments/questions here now.

We are thinking about small ones, but not going to start trying for several 
more months. My Endo and CDE's say that I should let them know 3-4 months 
BEFORE i want to start trying so my husband and I can meet with an endo/ob 
to discuss everything and then to start monitoring even more closely so that 
the team could tell me when we can start trying.  I have had diabetes for 9 
years, since 18, and really want to have children. My A1Cs just recently got 
down to 6.9 for the first time since diagnosis, and I am confident that they 
will keep dropping.

I am feeling like I have to start thinking about this to best utilize my egg 
supply & to avoid complications! Considering all the months of planning that 
have to go before even trying to get pregnant, I/we am/are feeling a little 

Anyway, just looking for any and all comments on the subject. Please feel 
free to respond off list if you want. I do have some other questions that I 
would rather not publish on-list. Maybe we could make our own yahoo group 
list or something.

For women who have given birth on the pump:
How was your experience during the whole process?
Were your children planned in the way I am describing?
What were your A1Cs before and at conception?

For women who want to think about it or are in process:
How did you and your partner decide when was a good time?
Your general feelings and comments...

Thanks so much!

You got tuh go there, tuh know there.
-Zora Neale Hurston

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