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[IP] Re: Eye Problems--Sarah....

I'm wondering though--I do not have proliferative retinopathy.  I have more a
problem from the vitreous being pulled on (because of weakness and
nearsightedness) than anything.  My surgeon says it isn't even truly diabetic
damage, but more a weakness that is further impaired by diabetes.

They do make you sign a paper when you have laser surgery stating that the
surgery can make matters worse, and cause blood to pool in the

Every time I have a bleed it has been caused by heavy lifting, high blood
pressure and things of that nature.  My "good" eye has had a few small bleeds,
but not into my field of vision.  My bad eye has had two, and two laser
surgeries of about 160 to 200 laser blasts.  At times the vision has been
pretty much like quicksand (for maybe 6 months) but fortunately has always
cleared up.

Anyway, just curious as to these differences in treatment.
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