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[IP] re; eye problems

In a message dated 8/27/02 2:51:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
wrote to me privately and when i tried to respond it was bounced, so I will 
send it here...

> Sarah:  Saw your reply to Billie.  Just a thought on it--my eye surgeon says 
> there is no need to do any laser on any eye that hasnt had a real severe 
> bleeding problem.  I think the laser can backfire, and cause more blood in 
> the eye than if you really dont have a problem..........????

I respectfully disagree with your doctor.  I had pan retinal on my right eye 
in May of 1990 and the doctor said he would do the left eye next time he saw 
me....I then moved out of state and didnt see him...and 6 months later the 
unlasered eye bled like a stuck pig...I had just broken me leg working at a 
ski resort...my first (and last) christmas away from my family.  it sucked.  
But, it was quite a while before he was able to get the bleeding under 
control at that point.  It would clear a little and he would laser, then 
another place would bleed and it would clear and then he would laser...and 
when I started pumping shortly after, then it really bled.  Finally my eye 
lost the ability to reabsorb the blood and it was obscuring my vision, so I 
had a vitrectomy.    The one he initially lasered in 90 didn't bleed for 
another 5 years or so, though at the time he lasered it, he said it was the 
one most likely to bleed at any time....In retrospect, I wish I had had the 
pan retinal done on both eyes...I would NOT have minded another 5 years of 
great vision.....

but as they say, YMMV

Sara no aitch 
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