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Re: Re: [IP] Death From Low?

>I've heard that they(von Bulow's) had the insulin around the house to use 
>it for weight loss. How does that work??

I don't know how it could be used for weightloss - seems pretty backward to 
me.  But I once had someone try to talk me into selling them some insulin 
and syringes because they were training for some Miss Fitness contest or 
something.  She was one of those waif-types who couldn't put on weight no 
matter what she did.  Of course, I didn't do it, so I don't know if it 
woulda worked for her.  She was pretty far out in the deep end, as you'd 
have to be to try such a stupid thing.  Maybe this is what the von Bulow's 
had in mind...


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