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RE: [IP] Re: dr bernsteins diet

>This is just a short addendum to this thread.  I just received the latest
>issue of Diabetes Forecast.  In it there's a blurb about DM and heart
>disease.  There wasn't a specific citation, but the article said that two
>thirds of diabetics die of cardiovascular disease (CVD).  CVD should be
>considered perhaps the most severe complication of diabetes, and is (IMHO)
>one of the main reasons that our diet should be heart healthy as well as DM
>Jim Handsfield

This is just one more reason for me to do Bernstein's diet.  My cholesterol 
was fine to begin with but still went down a little after six months on the 
diet.  My triglicerides went down a lot.  It also made me feel so much 
better and more full of energy that I have managed to exercise more 

I am not at claiming that I *know* what the best, healthiest diet is.  I do 
what works for me.  But it drives me crazy when other people act like they 
*know* what's best.  None of us do.  We do some reading.  Maybe we 
experiment some.  And we go with what we feel best about.  It doesn't bother 
me at all if you or anyone else feels that low fat is best for you.  It may 
very well be the best diet *for you*.  I have certainly known very 
healthy-seeming people who have eaten that way.  But the truth is that you 
don't really know which is best (or if any one diet really could be best for 
everyone) - even if you have a hundred or five hundred research articles 
proclaiming the benefits of one over the other, there is evidence for both 
sides.  You've just picked one.


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