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[IP] Re: you be the judge

>>>yesterday I had the privilege to ask two very nice paramedics about what
they would do if they had to respond to someone wearing an insulin pump.

Their response....

Well if the patient is hyperglycemic then they would remove the pump...if
the patient was hypoglycemic they would leave the pump on...I asked them are
you sure that is what is needed...their response...yes!

You be the judge...good training or bad training? Bennie>>>

I try to keep a card in my pump case stating DO NOT REMOVE - insulin
infusion pump!

The point is, if in a severe low, that basal rate isn't going to make much
difference and the EMTs do not understand what the Humalog/Novolog is doing.
It's keeping the person functioning at a reasonable level. A drop needs to
be brought up - but that basal and the infusion should not be tampered with
m=by those coming upon a scene.

I'm judging - bad training.

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