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[IP] eye problems

Billie wrote:
> He told me in the past that I had a very little bit of leaking/ bleeding in 

> the back of my eyes.  Now it is a little worse, but still not bad.  

First of all, if he doesn't take the time to answer your questions, or ASK 
you if you hav any questions, then I would suggest another doctor...a RETINA 
specialist, as opposed to an opthamalogist

What you have is probably background retinopathy.  This is casued by changes 
in your eye.  For whatever diabetic reason, your eye starts thinking it isnt 
getting enough oxygen so it grows NEW blood vessels to bring more oxygen to 
the eye.  This is called NEOVASCULARIZATION.  Your doctor can SEE this bey 
looking in your eye.  The next step, at least in the "old" days, would be a 
florecine test, where they inject you with a flourescent dye and then 
photograph your retina to see where it leaks out.  At this point, they may 
just "watch and wait" and tell you to  improve your control....Or they may 
schedule you for laser surgery.  If you have not had a significant bleed yet, 
they may do sort of a general laser, i think it is called pan retinal 
laser...where they basically aim at anything that looks suspicious, burn it 
closed and that blood vessel won't bleed no more...THIS does NOT stop the 
growth of MORE vessels.  the only thing that stops that is good control of 
your diabetes.

I would ask your doctor if it is time for you to think about laser surgery.  
It is better to get it done BEFORE they start to bleed.  At this point it is 
called proliferative retinopathy.  trust me, there is NOTHING more 
disoncerting that waking up one morning and really seeing the world through 
rose colored vitreous humor....I could while away hours watching the black 
blob in my eye move like the wax in a lava lamp....

You can't really "reverse" or undo the damage that has been done, but you can 
slow or even stop the further progression of retinopathy.  You must jump on 
top of your diabetes control.  If you have not started to bleed yet, that is 
best.  if you are already bleeding, you don't want to go from zero to 60 real 
quick...that sometimes causes more bleeds.....i think it is now addressed in 
the new Pumping Insulin book...back when I started pumping (93) they didn't 
tell me that drastic change in control could lead to worsening of 
retinopathy....i found out from experience....

You got questions? I got answers.....

Sara SP AZ
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