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[IP] truth in advertising


so I get these updates from AOL whenever something in the news mentions 
"diabetes" and apparently the Glucowatch is now "approved" for use in kids 7 
- 17.  Of course, they add this caveat:

> The GlucoWatch is not perfect, so it doesn't replace those painful 
> finger-prick blood tests that diabetics must do to check their blood 
> sugar levels, the FDA warned. It said people should never use insulin 
> or make medication adjustments without first double-checking a 
> GlucoWatch reading with a fingerstick test.

EXCUSE me, but why would you want to BUY something that is even LESS reliable 
than a meter...and do insurance plans actually PAY for these things?  NO 
wonder our insurance rates are skyrocketing!!!!!

Then the article says:
> The tests are painful and inconvenient, so many diabetics don't 
> perform them as often as recommended, 

oh please...they only say that cuz they have never done one.  Sure, every 
once in a while I will do a bone marrow draw cuz I push the pokie down too 
hard, but on the whole, it is less painful, than say, tweezing my eyebrows, 
or flossing my teeth when i haven't done it in 2 weeks....pain is 

> The GlucoWatch costs $595, plus a $4 to $5 disposable sensor 
> that the patient must replace every 12 hours. 

Sounds like a worthwhile lifetime investment to me....:-/  that is $70 a 
week, $3,640 a year!!  

> To get a doctor's prescription for a watch, the FDA requires 
> that patients be trained to use it and pass a quiz.

oh please!! people are trained how to drive, pass a quiz and then go out and 
run over things...hope they train the glucowatch users to test their blood w
ith a meter test before they drive.....

i just do not understand the thinking behind this...

sara sp
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