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Re: [IP] Re: diabetic education class

>jhughey wrote:
> Since you seem quite reliable and *up* on things, I'm sure you are keeping
good records of tests, etc. *My* advice is to contact the pump company of
your choice and let them know this situation. They have departments who go
to bat for wannabe pumpers and maybe they can get you going sooner than
repeating all your *former schooling* to begin the 21st century gold
standard of DM care. . .

    Guess what? I've already been enrolled in the September diabetes
education class. I found out when I called about something else. I am
getting quite annoyed at the fact that my healthcare really isn't up to me.
I have to play along so I can get the pump. If I don't show up for the
classes I won't get any support getting the pump.
When I took the classes in 1996 I already knew most of the stuff they went
over because I am an avid reader of reasonable intelligence. I hate it when
people won't even consider my point of view, but I don't have any other
healthcare people to turn to.

    Stuck In The System,
    Cody S. Alderson
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