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Re: [IP] Source of Infusion Sets

On 8/27/02 9:13 AM, "email @ redacted"
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm looking for a new source for pump supplies.  I have been using Michigan
> Diabetes Supply -great price, but they never get my order right.  Any
> recommendations? 
> My insurance is the Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO, Standard, Federal Employee
> Program, so I'd especially like to hear from anyone with the same insurance.
> Thanks very much,
> Colleen

I buy directly from Disetronic.  I had to get them approved as a vendor for
my Prudential (at that time) Insurance.   It turns out they are several
dollars cheaper than MM for an identical product (Tenders/Sils).   I tried
Fifty-50, but they have not been approved (2001) by Aetna and so my co-pay
was outrageous.

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