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[IP] re: new Paradigm

At 02:23 PM 8/22/2002 -0700, Dave wrote:
>[IP] re: new Paradigm
>   I just went through training last Friday at the Phoenix Hilton and got my
>new pump.
>I opened it up & already had a "low battery" error message. The trainer
>explained that the AAA batteries don't last as long as the 508 batteries, but
>assured us they were good for 2-3 weeks. The brand new battery lasted 4 days
>before I got another "low battery" error. Duracell or Panasonic might be a
>good stock option at this point.

In my Paradigm, I've been getting over 2 weeks out of each Energizer AAA - 
averaging about 20 days. The one I changed on Saturday 8/24 had been in 
since July 31, so 24 days.

Supposedly, the Paradigm doesn't like it when you put a new battery in that 
isn't "fresh", which would seem to rule out not-so-fresh new batteries - 
assuming that feature is performing properly. Any number of things could 
affect performance, though - heat, daily dosage, priming, use of the 
backlight - but I wouldn't think those alone would make that great of a 
difference. Internal problems, like a motor that uses too much current, or 
the like, could do it.

If it keeps going through batteries like that, you could call MiniMed to 
see what their opinion is. If they have seen this as a problem, they might 
send a replacement pump and check out the one you return.


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