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Fw: [IP] Medical marihuana for diabetic conditions?

> I am not sure if this is a PG (Parental Guidance) website or not.  My
> question is "Does anyone - or ' the friend" of anyone have experience
> with marijuana as a treatment, or aid to treatment, of diabetic
> neuropathy?"
 i don't know why discussing marijuana use would be considered a topic
 requiring a parental guidance rating.  like most things, it's better to
 about things like that honestly with kids, rather than hide it.

 but as for the use of pot for neuropathy, i can't see that it would hurt
 any.  there is research going on for aids-related neuropathy -
 http://www.maps.org/mmj/ - and then of course there is a lot of anecdotal
 evidence saying that it can help with the pain.

 personally, if someone was going to use mj regularly for treatment of the
 pain from neuropathy, i would suggest that brewing it into tea, rather than
 smoking it, would be a better idea.  avoid those carcinogens. :)  or, if
 aren't worried about the carcinogens, get or make yourself a good water
 bong.  i've been "told" that it makes it much smoother, less harsh, than
 smoking it in a joint or a pipe. ;) (this person who "told" me this suffers
 from really bad migraines, especially in rotten heat like this summer...)

 i don't want to make this into a big political thing, so, kids, don't do
 it'll make you mental(just watch reefer madness)!  or at least wait until
 you're an adult to use pot, enjoy your youth without a haze.
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