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[IP] New Book By Two VERY Special People

Hi Everyone,

There is a new book out called Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions, and Big 
Fat Lies.  I know the two woman that wrote the book and have taken their 
classes.  They are both CDE's and very knowledgeable with regards 
to  diabetes.  I trust so what they say and they have helped me as well as 
many  others.  I just can't say enough nice things about them and their 
level of  diabetes knowledge.  They also lead two support groups each 
month.  One for  pumpers and the other for Type I and II's with a guest 

I would highly recommend buying this book if 
you  can:  http://www.diabetestraining.com/store.htm

Please email me privately if you have any further questions.


PS.  Michael wanted me to post a "review comment" but I can't cause I 
haven't read the book yet because I haven't received my copy yet.  But this 
is how much I know the book will be awesome because I know these two people 
and I TRUST them so much.  When I get my copy and read it I will try to 
write a review, but for now I copied this from their website:

The Myth Book
The dictionary says a myth is a "false belief," or an "imaginary story." 
Myths most often grow up around things that are important. Or around things 
that are hard to understand. Well, diabetes certainly qualifies on both 
counts! If some of what you believe about your diabetes isn't true, it can 
cause you to make poor decisions. Or you may be working harder than 
necessary because you don't know all your options. This engaging and 
irreverent little book will help you find any diabetes myths that are 
complicating your life. Then the truth behind every whopper is explained. 
If you still think that "people with diabetes can't eat sugar," or that "my 
doctor takes care of my diabetes," you need this book! Written by Kris 
Swenson, RN, CDE and Betty Brackenridge, MS, RD, CDE.
$14.95 USD + S&H
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