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Re: [IP] Re: diabetic education class

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From: "Alderson Arts" <email @ redacted>
>     I'm getting fed up with the system. I read everything I could get my
> hands on about the pump a few years ago and updated my knowledge recently.
> If I had a pump in my hands right now I believe I could safely set my
> and bolus for correction and meals without any healthcare professional
> assistance. I don't say that to sound arrogant, I just can't understand
> need to repeat a class I already took, and to go on an insulin regimen I
> not want.

You don't sound arrogant.  You are the one who lives with this disease and
that makes you the expert.  Pumping is different from using Lantus.  To make
you get everything figured out with a new regimen and then start all over
again with the pump is ridiculous.  I personally would (and actually did)
find a new practice if the one you are in now can't realize that you are the
expert on you.  If you'd like to try and stick with this practice, I think
you need to tell them what you just told us.  Let them know that you should
be calling the shots on your healthcare.  Good luck.

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