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Re: [IP] Header in email

> There ARE some of us who cannot afford 1$ a month.  And some people
> What about outside sources of funding...fundraising efforts to raise
> $ from people who do not belong to the list?  What has been
> tried/suggested? 

Oh, we've tried all sorts of things. Letters to all of the VC and law 
firms in Silicon Valley (they have lots of bucks) as well as the top 
300 companies here (about 600 total letters) netted 26 sorry 
responses (period). That was a bust and cost hundreds of dollars. 
Requests to all dozen or so of the strip companies -- zip -- and by 
the way, the folks that Insulin Pumpers has served over the year 
purchase $16 million in strips ALONE from these people. All but two 
have not even returned phone calls. Two were generous enough to 
contribute meters for our Winter pledge drive (Thank you Abbot Labs 
and Roche). Of the drug companies, Novo Nordisk is the only supporter 
and of course our friends at MiniMed, Animas and Disetronic over the 
years. Believe me, I pitch the mission of Insulin Pumpers to anyone 
that will listen. Unfortunately, philanthropic funds for what is seen 
to be mostly middle class white folks are hard to come by.

> I and some others cannot afford to donate money,
> but some of us could donate time for fundraising campaigns.  I have
> been in other organizations where we did recipe books, t shirts,
> change drives, sold coupon books, etc.  Has anything liek that ever
> been tried?  Maybe an IP fundraising committee would help?

I've made regular request to the forums for volunteers for a 
fundraising comittee -- never had any takers.

> I agree that the header would be better at the end of each message,
> like an automatic signature.  Or it could be shorter... it certainly
> doesn't have to be that long.  

Well, it will stay at the top and we may make it even longer if 
necessary. The point is to get people to notice that their support is 
needed for Insulin Pumpers to succeed. The other choice is for 
this resource to go away. Take your pick.

>Then again, it might not bother
> peoplel so much if the subject line of every email actually
> described what was discussed in the email so that each and every
> email didn't have to be opened.
You are right on that matter, but that's up to the poster. We 
continually encourage people to put the correct information in the 
subject line but many do not.

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