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Re: [IP] Re: diabetic education class

>Michael wrote:
> I went from R and NPH right to pumping with Humalog with no problems and
didn't need general diabetic education classes, I'm sure most of us on  this
list could teach that class. I'd seek a second opinion!

    Hi Michael,
    I asked my GP doc who is my Primary Care Physician on my insurance if I
could get the pump. He said that he didn't recommend them. I asked why. He
told me that it is a permanently implanted device and he doesn't know that
much about them. He seemed to be in too much of a hurry to listen to me
about the facts of insulin pumps. I was a little surprised that he thought I
was referring to an implanted pump.
    Anyway, he referred me back to our local CDE. I had to sit through
another nutrition class. The others in the class were new to diabetes so
everytime the instructor questioned the class I had the answer. I was bored
to death. They still had the same rubber looking food samples to show
portion sizes that I handled in the same class back in 1996.
    Then I had an assessment by the CDE a few days later and I asked her
about getting me a pump. She said due to my daily life, my uncontrolled
blood sugars, being in the ER twice in one year for hypoglycemia,
gastroperesis, and neuropathy. that I was a candidate for the pump. However,
she told me that I need to go on Lantus and Novolog so I can learn carb
counting, insulin to carb ratios, bolusing, and ad nauseum before I could
get the pump.
    I'm getting fed up with the system. I read everything I could get my
hands on about the pump a few years ago and updated my knowledge recently.
If I had a pump in my hands right now I believe I could safely set my basals
and bolus for correction and meals without any healthcare professional
assistance. I don't say that to sound arrogant, I just can't understand the
need to repeat a class I already took, and to go on an insulin regimen I do
not want. It is like asking me to go back and take Kindergarten over, and to
use a baby bottle for a few months again before I eat regular food.
    So, with a doctor who is ignorant about pumps, a CDE who apparently
wants to get as much insurance money that she can before setting me loose,
and an insurance company that has a 30 day rule before changing PCP's, what
would be the best thing to do next to get results?
    Thank you,
    Cody S. Alderson
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