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[IP] Death From Low?

I need some information on how often/rare/usual it is for people to die 
from low blood sugars.  My fiance is extremely distressed and believes his 
mother is going to die within the next couple of weeks because she is going 
low often recently.  Last week, she went so low that even after a glucagon 
shot, she tested at 35.  She doesn't test often, and basically just tries 
to eat the same thing every day and gives herself the same dosage all the 
time.  I have tried to show her how important it is to test often, but she 
is her own person, and has decided she only needs to test once a 
day.  Anyway, my fiance gets on me when I go low, which is not that often 
since I've been on the pump, but he still remembers me having seizures 
because of NPH peaks at night.  So, what is the likelihood that one will 
die from a low?  I know about the risk of complications from being too 
high, but I don't remember ever reading about the complications of being 
too low.  I understand if you are driving, you can die in a crash, but I'm 
just talking about if you are sitting alone at home, and don't treat a 
low.  Are there any statistics on this?
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