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[IP] Re: which pump do I get?

>>>I agree with Fran, do the research with both companies and even more
companies if you wish. But be advised on the waterproof issue. The Minimed
Paradigm is water
resistant with a guarantee of 30 minutes at I think 8 feet deep. >>>

When I first started on this list (11/99) lots of people commented on
others' pumps. It was decided we should comment only the pumps we use to
give *facts*. The key words in the above post are *I think*. This is a snip
from the Paradigm webpage:

* Watertight up to 8 feet for 24 hours

We should all remember, pumps are personal choices and our choices are not
necessarily good or preferred by someone else. For instance, I LOVE the
clicks and they drive others crazy. I'll stick with that and it makes a BIG
difference for me - but I'm not going to cloud another's choice if they
don't want them. It would be a dull world if we were all alike and all made
the same choices. YMMV

Jan & Bluda Sue (~_^)
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