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[IP] which pump do I get?

I agree with Fran, do the research with both companies and even more 
companies if you wish.
But be advised on the waterproof issue. The Minimed Paradigm is water 
resistant with a guarantee of 30 minutes at I think 8 feet deep. The Animas 
is waterproof with a guarantee of 24 hrs. at 12 feet deep. Big difference to 
me, so I chose Animas.
Good luck in your research.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 8/24/02 7:00:35 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I am going to try the pump so that my physical 
>activity can remain at as high a level as possible without experiencing
>hypoglycemia.  I love to jog, ski, golf, play raquetball, bike etc.  My 
>physician recommended either the animus pump or the minimed pump.  I want 
>it to be waterproof, I think.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Yes.  Get the rep from each pump company and play with the pumps and YOU 
CHOOSE which one you want.  I think, and correct me if I am wrong, that 
only the Animas and D-Tron our considered waterproof meaning you can dive 
20 feet or whatever.  >>
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