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Re: [IP] Re: response to header issue and Fran's response

> My concern about the headers is that it feels too much like "public
> humiliation"-- broadcasting to the list that you haven't pledged. Maybe
> that will work in motivating some to donate -- but I fear it may lead
> others to just unsub or "lurk" rather than appearing to be a cheapskate
> and/or having the whole list know they're struggling financially (some
> people might be comfortable with that, but others might not).  We've all
> read the "pledging" posts, and we all know that IP needs money.  But to
> me, any fundraising method that has the effect of making those who can't
> donate feel like they "shouldn't be on the list" really crosses the
> line.  We've already seen at least one person on the list say "I guess
> I'll have to unsub" because tthey are unable to donate at this time.
>  How many more people might just quietly unsub once they realize their
> posts will be "flagged" until they give money?

no one sees your header except you unless you send it back in a reply.
It is no different than the "To:" line of your email. It is unique to
you. Anyway, we are constantly asking that people <snip> their
messages when replying, perhaps this can be a little incentive to do so.

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