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[IP] Re: response to header issue and Fran's response

>well ... i guess i am the one who can't
>afford the 10 dollars.  When someone is looking for donations the correct way
>is not to annoy someone into donating like the purpose of this header.  
I *have* been intending to donate at some point (a small amount, 
probably not much more than $10).  But, I honestly *can't* afford EVEN 
$10 at least until next payday!  So until then I guess the message will 
have to stay on my posts.

I realize the list isn't free to operate.  I agree it's a valuable 
resource and worth contributing to.  But, we all have  to prioritize. 
 Right now, money has been *very* tight for me.  My car died awhile back 
and I had to replace it.  I'm  trying to get out of credit card debt.  I 
have high copays on my health insurance.  I also have other charitable 
causes that I've committed pledges to.  Basically, I don't have a lot of 
extra money at this point and my focus right now is on ways I can cut back!

My concern about the headers is that it feels too much like "public 
humiliation"-- broadcasting to the list that you haven't pledged. Maybe 
that will work in motivating some to donate -- but I fear it may lead 
others to just unsub or "lurk" rather than appearing to be a cheapskate 
and/or having the whole list know they're struggling financially (some 
people might be comfortable with that, but others might not).  We've all 
read the "pledging" posts, and we all know that IP needs money.  But to 
me, any fundraising method that has the effect of making those who can't 
donate feel like they "shouldn't be on the list" really crosses the 
line.  We've already seen at least one person on the list say "I guess 
I'll have to unsub" because tthey are unable to donate at this time. 
 How many more people might just quietly unsub once they realize their 
posts will be "flagged" until they give money?

Anyway, just my views. I realize it's a tough job keeping this list up 
and running!

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