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[IP] so far?

someone wrote:
> , only about 3 or 400 have responded so far.

(to the cry for donations....)....but what is really boggling is that some of 
those 3-400 people make annual or monthly donations over the years...me being 
one of them...I never send MUCH....it would cost more to buy a carton of 
cigarettes, if I smoked, or 10 pints of Ben and Jerry's....which is a 
comparison I can relate to...put it is what I can afford and every little bit 

Remember, those who can, DO.  those who can't, don't have to,, but those that 
just don't think about it, ought to.....there are certainly worthier causes, 
i am sure, but I don't know of one...and god knows I dont need the ben and 
jerrys right now....(_|_)

I felt bad
 last fall when I didn't have the extra money to send Michael...all my pocket 
change was going to the homeless in the subways, who every one seemed to 
forget about in the flurry of giving last September....but when I had some 
spare $$, I sent them to Michael where I know they would be put to GOOD 
use...unlike some of the donations that went to the red cross....(sorry, 
local story in NYC...)

I would hate for Michael to have to start charging for this service as I am 
sure we would lose members - maybe we oculd have need based scholarships or 
something, I don't know...All I know is, IP matters to me...Not only did some 
of the people on the list save my life when I was in the hospital facing 
surgery, but when I am posting on a regular basis, my A1c stays lower than 
when I don't.  Part of the reason I have been so verbal on the list lately is 
I have had the worst A1cs the last two times since I went on the pump 9 1/2 
years ago....I stopped logging in at all last september....chalk it up to a 
rotten year, a cross country move, a new job, you name it...but the one thing 
that is helping me get back on track now is "talking" here.I can't be a 
hypocrite and SAY one thing while I am doing another...my meter average has 
gone down 60 points since I came back, so  get USED to me....(or get OVER 
me.. :-))

I dont mind the header...i am VERy good with teh page down button...i just 
wish people would SNIP better, and make their subject lines more 

muchase grascisiais



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