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Re: [IP] header issue

Let me start by saying that I completely understand why the header is there 
and that it doesn't really annoy me.  It does however make me feel guilty as 
heck for not being able to contribute.  I'm not going to go into a lengthy 
tirade about why I can't send money but i'll tell you this much..........for 
the past year, EVERY day has been a struggle just to keep a roof over my 
family"s head and to put food in my kids' mouths.  A couple of things have 
occurred to me though while reading all the emails that have been posted on 
the subject.  One, are we not continuously reminded to snip the relevant 
parts of the posts that we are replying to because including the whole post 
takes up too much space, slows the download time and takes up unnecessary 
bandwidth?  And also that our signature lines shouldn't be too long? Yet the 
whole "nag header" can be included in every post? Hmmmmm......what's up with 
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