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[IP] list fund-raising

I very rarely use this list. Last year I gave $100, but this summer I am
fund-raising for JDRF. At this point the research is more important to me.
After I pay my credit card bills from my JDRF fund-raiser, then if I have
some left, I will donate here, although months go by when I don't even check
the archives.

However, I have a suggestion. I live in a mountain community, which until
the widespread use of satellite TV receivers, had a community funded
television booster station. Every fall (just as the new season was
starting), the booster was turned off for a wekk until the fund-drive got
enough money for the annual maintainence costs. This was VERY effective, as
people realized what their lives would eb like without the booster, and the
fund-drive went very quickly. As soon as the money was raised, they turned
the thing back on.

I do not know if this would be possible or practical with an internet site,
but it would sure help people to decide what IP was worth to them.
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