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Re: [IP] Header in email

There ARE some of us who cannot afford 1$ a month.  And some people do not
pay for internet access- it is possible to get it through work, school, or
it is paid for by someone else.  With all the $ I have to pay for medical
supplies since my employer changed insurance, we have had to stretch our
budget very tight and give up a lot of things.  Yes this list is great, and
yes I have benefitted from it.  I also benefitted from my cell phone and my
dog but had to give those up.  No one should presume what anyone else can or
cannot afford, or even if they could squeeze it in, that the list would be a
top priority.  To some it is, to others it is not.  The circumstances you
find yourself in are what determine the value of a resource and whether or
not you could/would be willing to pay for it.

What about outside sources of funding...fundraising efforts to raise $ from
people who do not belong to the list?  What has been tried/suggested?  I and
some others cannot afford to donate money, but some of us could donate time
for fundraising campaigns.  I have been in other organizations where we did
recipe books, t shirts, change drives, sold coupon books, etc.  Has anything
liek that ever been tried?  Maybe an IP fundraising committee would help?

I agree that the header would be better at the end of each message, like an
automatic signature.  Or it could be shorter... it certainly doesn't have to
be that long.  Then again, it might not bother peoplel so much if the
subject line of every email actually described what was discussed in the
email so that each and every email didn't have to be opened.

Just my 2 cents- or maybe it's only actually worth one, I don't know ;)

> I
> > guess what I have a hard time understanding is how someone cannot
> > contribute just a dollar a month or $10.00 / year.  I know we all have
> > pay for accessing the Internet and unless things have gotten cheaper and
> > am out of the loop it cost about $20.00 / month just for that.  This
> aspect
> > just really boggles my brain.  I know that even you who say you can't
> > afford it have most likely benefited greatly from this list at least
> > / month's worth.
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