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[IP] loud, proud and bumpy

I agree with Sarah. I test anywhere that I need to. When I was on MDI, I would
test andgive myself an insulin injection at the table in resaurants. I have
never been one to care what people think, and I feel that I need to take care
of myself, and if other people don't understand, that's their problem, not
mine. My brother is the one in my family to hide his diabetes. At a family
picnic, he went in the bathroom to test, and didnt bolus in front of anyone
but me. He tries to hide his pump, and he hardly lets anyone at work know that
he has diabetes, except one or two people, in case something would happen to
him. When I first got my pump, he waited to see how I did with it before
asking his doctor for one. He was worried about people hearing it beep, or
seeing him wear it. I dont know what the big deal is. I have a medical
condition and I do what is necessary to treat it. If I have to test or bolus
in front of other people, is that really any different than some people taking
oral medication in public for any conditions they may have.
Just my opinion.
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