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Re: [IP] Intro to ALL my emails from IP

OK admin people...what's up with the intro paragraph in ALL my emails today?  
It starts out by saying that IP is supported by donations...... then later 
down the page it starts on whatever the topic is that is being talked about.  
Is it possible to put this at the end instead of at the beginning?  I only 
ask because it is always nice to see what it is someone is asking or talking 
about. It is also coming through on some new profiles.

I DO donate so I know how important it is.  And it is more than just $10.00 
too!  I SOOO appreciate this list and everything I have learned.  And the 
incredible friendships I have gotten from this list too!  But PLEASE, can 
that intro paragraph be moved elsewhere in the emails???

mom to Joshua
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