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Re: [IP] Header in email

At 09:37 AM 8/25/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>At 09:27 AM 8/25/2002 Sherri wrote:
>>I guess I will have to unsub then.  I, too, am a single mom with 4 kids, 3
>>of whom have health issues.  It costs me a great deal just to feed one of my
>>kids who is on a special diet, not to mention feeding, clothing and housing
>>for the rest of us.  We don't get any govt assistance, either.
>Why would you have to unsub? Even if you don't contribute, you can still 
>access all the resources of IP. If you don't have the financial resources, 
>just ignore the "nag note". There is nothing forcing you to send money. 
>The only reason that message exists, is because unless we can get the 
>funds to keep the site going, it won't exist any longer. We're not doing 
>it to annoy you, but as a way to survive.

OK, Please Please DO NOT take this personally or as a cut or nasty note.  I 
guess what I have a hard time understanding is how someone cannot 
contribute just a dollar a month or $10.00 / year.  I know we all have to 
pay for accessing the Internet and unless things have gotten cheaper and I 
am out of the loop it cost about $20.00 / month just for that.  This aspect 
just really boggles my brain.  I know that even you who say you can't 
afford it have most likely benefited greatly from this list at least $1.00 
/ month's worth.  It's a question of do we want this list to continue or 
not?  Michael cannot afford to support 4000 thousand people and 
himself.  As an ex computer programmer I know for a fact that keeping this 
list running is NOT CHEAP at all.  Michael gave up is full time job just to 
HELP people like you and me.  And I for one know I have been helped greatly 
by this list and all it's members.  I could go on and on about all my 
expenses and how strapped we are but that is not the point.  We have had to 
make priorities and this list is one of them, even if it is just a buck a 

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