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Re: [IP] what pump do I get?


  Choosing a pumping is a very personal choice, like buying a car.  Each 
company offers you an opportunity to 'test drive' their pumps, uisng saline.  
Contact them and ask about their loaner pumps and then do the test drive 
yourself.  With the thousands of members on this list, you will get thousands 
of different reasons why we all chose the pumps we chose.  The biggest 
difference between all the pumps available is the features they offer.  Much 
like cars.
       Minimed (800)843-6687   www.minimed.com
       Disetronic (800) 280-7801  www.disetronics.com
       Animas Corp  (877)  937-7867  www.animascorp.com
       Dana   (866) 342-2322  http://danapumps.com
       Deltec Cozmo  (800) 826-9703  www.delteccozmo.com

And now there is even another new one call Nipro Amigo.  You can check them 
out through the CWD list: www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/pump/nipro_product.htm

Check them all out and then you will know which one will best suit YOUR 

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
dxd 8/97, pumping with Dis H-Tron+ 12/99 now 10.5 years old
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