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Re: [IP] Header in email

Have I made my donation??  Am I able to make a donation should be the
question.  I am a single mom of two kids... just went through a nasty
divorce.  With mounting bills and a bankruptcy because of this situation, I
have no credit cards and my checking account is for bills only.  I guess ten
dollars wouldn't be too much to ask for but at this point in time I am
concentrating on my bills that I must pay to keep my household running and
saving money to feed my kids and pay for all my supplies for my pump.  jenni

I'm sorry, Jenni. I wasn't trying to get in your business. I know first hand 
how hard divorce can be. Believe me though, time is a great healer (or so 
they say...it's been 2 years for me, and I've still got a scab). Maybe my 
message was trying to appeal to the ones out there that are able to give 
(even just a little bit). If it comes down to sending $10 and learning from 
IP or saving $10 and not being able to learn from the IPers....


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