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Re: [IP] Header in email

Does anyone else find the header that has been included in all of our posts 
annoying as I do?  I also feel its a terrible way to get donations as to the
fact it states the only way to eliminate the header is to donate.  Anyone 
agree or am I just overreacting... maybe I am low !?!?


Have you made your donation? I just joined last week, and have learned a 
bunch about pumping (I am trying to get the endo to let my 3 year old 
daughter to pump). At first, yes, I was a little annoyed by the header. But, 
I thought if I wanted to be able to continue to learn from this site, maybe 
I should go ahead and give a little bit. That's sad that out of 4,000 
members, only about 3 or 400 have responded so far.


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