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[IP] Back on the pump!

Well, folks, I'm back on the pump after a pump vacation that seemed to last
an eternity.  My MiniMed pump trainer came to my house on Friday, helped me
hook up to my 508 and plugged me into CGMS (too bad I don't wear a pager and
cell phone on my waist too!)  My first night and day, I experienced many
lows, ended up over-correcting at night but a correction basal brought me
down nicely.  Today I am basal testing again with a slightly lower basal

After experimenting with every infusion set made, then going on a pump
vacation, and, finally, changing from Humalog to Novolog, it's pretty clear
that my problem was all about the insulin.  I want to thank this list
because it's here where I learned about Novolog.  My endo did not suggest
this, IP did.  So, thank you for all tips and suggestions.  They have helped
me in myriads of ways, but this surely is the most significant.

I know that Michael is trying to get more donations and he sounds pretty
discouraged to me.  I've donated because this is one resource I don't want
to lose.  I hope you feel the same way.  Any size donation makes a
difference and can help many of us discover new ways of dealing effectively
with our diabetes.  I don't know about you, but I can feel pretty lonely
because I don't come into contact with very many pumpers (or non-pumping
diabetics for that matter) and can feel that I'm the only person who has the
problems I have.  Here I've got lots of good company.

So, thanks again and send a little $ to IP.
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